First Aid in Case of Accidents and Emergency Situations : course book


Издательство:: ГЭОТАР
Авторы: Левчук И.П., Костюченко М.В., Назаров А.П.
ISBN: 9785970442302
Страниц: 120
Год издания: 2017
Обложка: Мягкая

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Course book highlights nine principle topics of the module «First Aid» as a partof the subject «Health and Safety, Disaster Medicine» and contains key questions foreach part as well as provisional tests for the students’ self-check. This course book canbe helpful for the students taught by means of e-educational systems (including distantlearning).

The course book is designed for the tertiary medical students taught in English aswell as for the foreign students attending classes as a part of the Russian-speaking groups.Besides it can be used as complementary reading by the University students, secondarymedical schools students and medical-college students learning English.


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