Sociology of Medicine: textbook

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Издательство:: ГЭОТАР
Авторы: Решетников А.В.
ISBN: 978-5-9704-3968-5
Страниц: 368
Год издания: 2016
Формат: 170×240 мм
Обложка: Твердая

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Артикул: 9785970439685 Категории: ,


This issue is the second enlarged edition of the textbook ‘Sociology of Medicine’ byAcademician of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Social Science Doctor, Doctorof Medicine, and Professor A.V. Reshetnikov. This manual analyzes the evolution, theplace and future development of sociology of medicine in the system of modern scientificknowledge and in the practice of social systems functioning. The textbook sets outsystematic knowledge on the most important topics and areas of sociology of medicinewhich give an idea of the continuity of the formation of medical and sociological concepts,theories, and medicine and health care models, patterns of formulation of medicaland sociological problems and research in these fields, scientific instruments, rulesof evaluation of scientific and practical activities in the health care system.

For health care managers, sociologists, students of medical and sociological faculties,graduate students, teachers and experts in the field of sociology of medicine.


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